The Solution

The most fundamental aspect for a charity is building relationships with those who support the charity and help drive it towards achieving its goals. Whether you want to bring new donors on board or maximise existing support, our Supporter Care solution is strategic and integrated with all other activity. This provides the opportunity to combine both front and back office processes into one seamless solution.

In an ever-changing world of technology and customer expectations, outsourced supporter care has become much more than answering the phone. New channels are opening up continually; the likes of web chat, email and SMS are now a prominent customer expectation. It is no small task to manage current methods whilst exploring new areas, without impacting on outsourced supporter care levels. This is why partnering with experts like DDC CS is more important than ever.

Our highly skilled team are trained to handle both inbound and outbound campaigns, managing everything from recruitment of new donors, converting donors to regular supporters, through to donor surveys and evaluation. Our multi-channel service centre provides our clients with supporter care and donor development, complementing our comprehensive range of charity solutions.


What we provide

  • email management

  • welcome calls

  • donor-acquisition

  • inbound supporter, retention,
    reactivation and upgrades

  • donor

  •  enquiry management

Our aim is to lead supporters through a stress-free interaction with your brand using a range of technology and communication channels, ensuring that data is accurately processed and that transactions are secure.

Hearing a friendly human voice can make all the difference to a charity in keeping customers loyal and providing a feeling of comfort and appreciation to the donor.We are experts in seeking support for your charity and will ensure all your campaigns run smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced team will work to an exact brief, delivering both professional and personal communications.


  • Secure and accurate delivery
    of converted supporters
  • We embrace your brand ethos
  • Increased capacity &
  • Reducing cost of supporter development
  • Continuous improvement

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