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Print & Fulfilment



Getting the thanking and acknowledgement element correct is one of the most crucial parts of the supporter experience and we pride ourselves on our ability in this area. We are able to accommodate a range of letter types and are not limited to the number of variations within a thanking brief.

For example, we are able to offer the following solutions:

·         Personalisation

·         Variable phrases within letter text

·         Inclusion of supporting literature

·         Variable stationery types

·         Letter switch dates – based on campaign /event cut off 

Alongside acknowledgement fulfilment, we also offer bespoke managed fulfilment services where we are able to create, print and distribute tailored campaigns.

Raffles are becoming an increasingly popular fundraising activity within the third sector – helping to build a sense of community for supporters whilst allowing them to donate to a worthy cause. This is also a method both charities and non-for-profits are using to attract new donors that may not currently give to charitable causes but enjoy the prospect of being rewarded in return for donating. At DDC CS we offer a solution to handle raffles, prize draws and sweepstakes. This includes data capture of the returned response device, sortation of raffle stubs, entry into draw and fulfilment of extra raffle ticket books. DDC CS also have the capability to handle a customer service process and to thank supporters for their donation. Our software enables us to randomly pull a number of winners for any given raffle; we can either pull the draw on behalf of the client (as we are an External Lottery Manager) or the client can draw the raffle themselves. Our experience here at DDC CS in raffle support helps us provide valuable expertise in year-round raffles.

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