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Our Q3 Heroes
The DDC Group Reveals Rebrand
DDC CS Raise £2500 for Local Charity
Our DDC Heroes - Q4 2017!
A New Year, A New Charity - 2018
Apprenticeship Week Celebrated at DDC OS UK
Disability Confident Leader Award - Marie Sandler
Expansion Continues for DDC OS
Easter Extravaganza Raises Money for Local Charity!
5 Tips When Choosing an Outsourcing Partner
DDC CS Launch Wellbeing Programme
Our Q2 DDC Heroes!
Critical Illness in the Workplace
Adam Hawley - Spotlight
Supporter Acquisition & Care - Infographic
The barrier between you and your customers is gone – Introducing GDPR.
GDPR Technology; Privacy by Design Pt.1
A Holistic Charities Outsourcing Approach
Supporter Care
Print & Fulfilment - Infographic
Lotto Management Infographic
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Outsourcing: V-Z
Outsourcing: R-U
Outsourcing: M-Q
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Digital Transformation in Charities
Outsourcing: D-G
DDC Heroes - Q1 2018
GDPR and Outsourcing - Busting the Myths
Giveback in Gambia
Outsourcing: A-C
GDPR Technology; Privacy by Design Pt.2
Reducing Reliance on Paper Usage
The Children`s Hospital Charity Visit
A day in the life of Claire Elliott…
A Day in the Life… Sarah Godfrey, Client Support Executive
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5 Reasons To Digitise Your Documents
DDC CS at the Colour Dash
DDC CS Accreditations
The Hero of January
5 Simple Tips for Choosing an Outsourcing Partner
Typhoon Haiyan Update – March
Typhoon Haiyan update
Typhoon Haiyan appeal link
Up at the O2
Outsourced telephone fundraising campaigns
Charities are taking up the challenge
Reflections on outsourcing – MIND
Coping with merger traffic – a BPO case study
Trio to boost charity lottery with new initiative
Colour Dash!
Multimedia Response Handling & Donation Processing
John Callachan, NOA Strategic Leader of the Year 2016
Our Q1 DDC Heroes!
Print & Fulfilment - Infographic
Diversity and Innovation within 21st Century Workplaces – with Marie Sandler, HR Director
A Complete Charity Solution - Infographic
New Year, New Charity
4 Simple ways to Maintain Customer Relationships - with Ray Cooper
Data Capture - Infographic
A Day in the Life, Michael Blumenthal
A Conversation With… Colin Gray, Managing Director.
Our DDC Heroes
Halloween Celebrations
Spotlight - Marisa Adams
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Robotic Process Automation
Charities Hero of June
Harriet Ivison - Spotlight
Charities Hero Of April