The Solution

As with all of our services, our approach to response handling is a consultative one. With a wealth of experience of handling direct response marketing campaigns –including raffles, prize draws and gift aid – we are well placed to review your existing operations and identify ways to maximise efficiency and achieve more cost-effective response processing.

Our focus is always firmly on utilising our range of response handling solutions to deliver increased profitability to your organisation. We have the capacity to handle millions of responses every year and pride ourselves on offering flexible, innovative and technologically advanced solutions.



  • Bespoke data transfer systems,
    compatible with all database types

  • Bespoke fulfilment services, including virtual gifts

  • Digitisation of documents and data capture

  • Experienced charity consultancy services

  • Banking services

  • Personalised thanking capabilities

We understand that each of our charity clients is different, and therefore they will each have a diverse set of requirements when it comes to response handling and donation processing. Building a robust process from the start ensures that your supporters and donations are handled with the utmost care and consideration, enhancing your relationship with each and every one.

Speed, accuracy and quality are key to the donation and response process, and therefore these standards will always be at the forefront of our mind when we are performing these tasks for your charity.


  • Cost efficient solution to manage the peaks and troughs of campaign responses.

  • Quicker donation processing times to allow for shorter response times to supporters and donated funds being released more quickly.

  • Link to other DDC CS solutions to create a seamless back office processes as well as a positive front office experience for the supporter.

Case Study

Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that works with people of all faiths and none and insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. They provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where the need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.


The dedicated team at DDC OS ensures that our briefs are fully understood before they are implemented. This allows quick turnaround time of new campaigns and emergency appeals.

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