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Document Scanning and Image Hosting

Charities receive data from an extensive range of sources and in a wide variety of formats. It can take up valuable time and expense capturing, managing and processing that data. Whether information needs to be captured from paper, image, online, email or direct to supporter care systems, DDC Charity Solutions has the answer.

DDC Charity Solutions can provide document management solutions to help digitise paperwork, free up valuable office space and reduce processing time and costs associated with paperwork. Our services offer options for charities requiring data capture, data cleansing and database management. Whichever services charities choose, they can be assured that there is a dedicated team of experts on hand with fast and accurate data entry abilities.

We understand the need for charities to have to store documentation and records for compliance purposes. Regulations driven by HMRC and The Charity Commission means that certain records must be stored for a given period of time and historic data can be requested at any time.

We have developed and deployed an online document hosting site, DDC Host, which allows our clients access to data and images and offers the retrieval of Gift Aid declarations instantly.

We employ a range of technologies to capture data including OMR, OCR, and ICR applications. Where appropriate we also offer manual keying within the DDC Group’s extensive facilities. We have the ability to blend all three together to match our client’s compliance requirements, time restrictions and budget.

These processes are supplemented by stringent quality control and data compliance to ensure the highest possible levels of accuracy.

Digitisation can help charities run more efficiently, saving time and money on manual processes and data capture. Document scanning and intelligent capture solutions are available to automatically extract key information from charitable forms and surveys, saving valuable time and increasing the accuracy of data.

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