The Solution

Our Digitisation solution is growing in importance to our clients in this digital world. It encompasses secure data capture services with high quality, high capacity document scanning and digitisation services together, working as an integrated data-gathering plan. DDC CS continually invest into specialist digitisation technologies enabling us to provide clients with state of the art document digitisation systems. We are able to scan a wide variety of documents, size and paperweight is no issue; from receipts to huge blueprints, to documents a hundred years old, DDC CS can adapt to your needs.

Our digitisation capabilities mean we can adjust to meet your demands, scanning up to half a million documents per day outputting in a variety of formats.

Our OCR and ICR capabilities are used for data discovery and extraction purposes and will append specified data to each electronic file to make it searchable. Organisations receive data from a huge range of sources and in a wide variety of formats. Whether information needs to be captured from paper, image, online, email or direct to supporter care systems, DDC CS has the solution.

Manually entering data is a labour-intensive process, and organisations often spend valuable time and expense capturing, managing and processing that data. Further, they may not take advantage of their data, unable to realise its full potential.

All of our Digitisation and Data Capture processes are supplemented by stringent quality control and data compliance to ensure the highest possible levels of accuracy. We are also fully compliant with the new GDPR regulations.



  • Vast experience in data capture

  • Digitisation to support charities in their digital transformation

  • An integrated data gathering plan

  • Data Analytics



Outsourcing helps with the handling of peaks and troughs of workloads, scaling up and down the workforce as needed to meet demand. The resource and expertise are available for changes and developments of projects and short notice.


A highly skilled and educated workforce that can operate in a variety of languages. Experience that has spanned over 30 years has developed an intuitive workforce to support the needs of individual projects.

Cost Savings

A choice of locations to suit skills and cost requirements of your organisation. This can support budgeting or re-allocation of funds to develop other areas of the charity.


Allows you to concentrate on core activities which leads to a more optimised workforce, as staff can concentrate on their key roles whilst ensuring employees have accurate information at their fingertips.


Notice accelerated and more streamlined processes, freeing up time for staff to concentrate on their key roles. This can lead to better supporter experiences as the turnaround of information can be drastically reduced.


Digitisation allows multiple user access to a centralised document store, allowing version control and stopping duplication. Paper copies can be lost or misplaced, whereas, digital files can be accessed from anywhere, with a complete audit trail to show who has accessed and updated documents.

Disaster Recovery & Compliance

Is your data safe? What would you do if a disaster occurred that rendered your documents unusable? Would you remain compliant if you lost your archived documents? Converting your files to a digital format, and adding security functionality such as encryption, passwords, and access levels will ensure your documents remain safe from disaster and compliant at all times.

Improved Service & Flexibility

Having instant access to files means that the latest version is always available and up to date. In the time that is saved not having to search for files, more customers can be helped.

Reduced Overheads & Space

Paying for expensive storage space, and indeed, the costs associated with staff travelling to storage areas and searching for files, are issues that can be eliminated by digitisation. All files are instantly available to employees without them having to leave their workstation.

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