The client

CPRE are a national charity devoted to protecting and enhancing rural England. It encourages the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in towns and countries.

Formed in 1926, Campaign to Protect Rural England works for a sustainable future for the English countryside, a vital but undervalued environmental, economic and social asset to the nation. They highlight threats and promote positive solutions. Their in-depth research supports active campaigning, and through being ‘impossible to ignore’, seek to influence public opinion and decision-makers at every level.

The challenge

In today’s climate, all businesses have to keep their overheads low so that they can remain efficient but with charities this is even more crucial, as each penny spent on costs is a penny taken away from the charity’s cause. Small charities can even less afford to carry cost where it isn’t absolutely necessary.

CPRE is not a large charity and so outsourcing these activities allows them to accommodate the varying processing volumes that campaigns can bring, whilst allowing them to concentrate on their primary charitable aims of protecting, promoting and enhancing our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy and to ensure they are protected for current and future generations.

Working with DDC CS has allowed us to control our costs while ensuring we can appropriately recognise our supporter’s contributions in a timely manner.

The solution

DDC Charity Solutions have decades of experience in handling donation processing and response handling for a number of charities and so were able to offer the perfect solution for CPRE. DDC CS handle all of the donations received for CPRE via cheque, cash, credit card and CAF card and vouchers. The system enables efficient and cost-effective management of a range of campaigns.

Our solution incorporates every aspect of donation handling; from the reconciliation of monies received, through to banking and the fulfilment of ‘thank you` letters to clients. We are also able to flex up and down on activity when campaigns require it allowing for all required donation processing times to be met.

DDC CS also manage CPRE`s raffle processing and reconciling of payments, sending out additional raffle books to supporters when requested and sorting and separating the raffle stubs within the required timeframe for the draw which takes place at CPRE.

The benefits

  • Cost efficient solution to manage the peaks and troughs of campaign response

  • Efficient turnaround times for donation processing

  • DDC CS enable CPRE to offer a good quality donor experience


Over the last 20 years, DDC CS has developed real in-depth industry knowledge from working with a number of charities. This experience has helped us to work successfully with Campaign to Protect Rural England for over seven years. Consistent results have been delivered across all campaigns and our ability to offer good turnaround times has enabled CPRE to ensure their supporters feel valued.

Working with DDC CS has allowed us to control our costs while ensuring we can appropriately recognise our supporter’s contributions in a timely manner. This partnership also allows us the flexibility to embark on new campaigns with a minimum of delay.

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